The Eira High School -program is a bilingual program leading to the Finnish High School Leaving Certificate (= lukion päättötodistus). Students on the High School program are chosen by an entrance examination testing their English Finnish and Mathematics. They complete their studies by taking courses taught in Finnish, in English or bilingually. National Curriculum High School courses have the same content as the Lukio program.

The Finnish National Curriculum for Adults specifies that students must complete 44 courses (or 48 courses for students starting under the age of 18) to gain the High School Leaving Certificate and the right to matriculate by taking the Matriculation Examination in Finnish (= Ylioppilastutkinto).

Bilingual Studies

All students at Eira, whether on the Lukio or High School program, are encouraged to take courses offered bilingually. These are ET1, GE1, HI1-2, PS1-5 and YH1-2.

Students on the Finnish Lukio program can choose courses in English as soon as they have completed ENA1-3 courses with the grade point average of 8.