Cambridge Mathematics Examinations (AS/A2 Mathematics)

The Cambridge International Examination for AS level mathematics is offered. The course content for this is combined with the Finnish upper secondary mathematics syllabus. To be eligible for the AS mathematics examinations students must complete all ten long mathematics courses and must achieve an average grade of at least 7. Once eligible students sit for two papers Pure Mathematics 1 (P1), duration 1 h 45 min and Statistics 1 (S1), duration 1h15min. 

As a final preparation for the AS exams the students will be required to do a multitude of questions from past AS papers to get use to nature of the questions, the style of the paper and the terminology and phrasing. Compared to the Finnish program the learning focus is more narrow and mechanical and requires repeated practice of the problems of a similar nature. The AS exams themselves are much shorter in time, with each question requiring immediate recognition and response of the concept in order to answer the question. Hence, upon completion of the long mathematics program, one course will be offered to prepare students for the AS examinations.

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