Mathematics (MA)

There will be a joint course in Mathematics, MAY1, which aims to raise the students' interest in mathematics and help them to appreciate the multi-functional role of mathematics in society, and its uniqueness in the field of science. This common course will provide the opportunity for the students to strengthen their foundations in mathematics and to explore the relevance and usefulness of mathematics is in society, economics, and in naturally occurring events.

Students have the option to begin their program with the course MAY1 or, alternatively, take the mathematics introductory course MA0 prior to MAY1.

Course Grading

Compulsory courses (MAY1, MAA2-MAA10 for long mathematics and MAY1, MAB2-MAB6 for short) are graded on a scale of 4-10. Students can also be awarded a grade of O for participating in the course only and are given a K if they drop out the course completely. MA0 is graded pas (s) or fail (h).

The overall course evaluation takes into account all aspects of the assessment. To achieve a grade of 5 requires about one-third of the maximum marks of the course.

The overall course grade is obtained by taking the arithmetic mean of all the compulsory courses and any specialization courses, which includes school based ones.

Order of the Courses

Courses should be chosen according to their numerical order. Course MAY1 must be completed before any other courses. In long mathematics MAA3 courses, MAA10 can be chosen in any order, once courses MAY1 and MAA2 are completed. 

Long and Short mathematics programs

There are two mathematics program on offer, long mathematics and short mathematics.

Students must choose one of the two programs:

  • The short mathematics program comprises of five compulsory courses (MAB2- MAB6).
  • The long mathematics program comprises of five compulsory courses (MAA2- MAA10).

There are further course options for students wishing to complete their mathematics program in Finnish.

Students changing from the long to short mathematics program will be given credits according to the following course changes: MAA2 → MAB2, MAA3 → MAB3, MAA6 → MAB7 and MAA8 → MAB4 and MAA10 → MAB5.


Evaluation of the course is based on the degree to which the students demonstrate and acquire the skills as listed under the course objectives. Objectives are listed under the relevant course headings. The focus, is not only on student knowledge but on how they learn, their attitude toward learning and how they manage their studies. Furthermore, their ability to use basic concepts, to explain, reason, model, and apply strategies when problem solving. Good overall comprehension of the course requires an ability to connect and use learnt concepts in a variety of different situations and in unfamiliar contexts. The degree to which the students can demonstrate this will be evaluated. The students will also be given the opportunity to assess themselves.



MA0 Introductory Course

This is a start-up course intended to prepare students for the High school mathematics program.
Keskeiset sisällöt: The course revises key concepts taught in lower secondary high school such as, negative numbers, order of operation, fractions, decimals, expressing approximations, basic algebra, solving basic equations and percentages. Solving problems mechanically will be emphasized.

MAY1 Numbers and Number Sequences

This course focuses on basic arithmetic number operations, functions and percentages. Solving basic and exponential equations. Using arithmetic and geometric sequences and series.
Keskeiset sisällöt: using real numbers, basic arithmetic operations, percentage calculations, functions and graphing, exponent laws, logarithms, arithmetic and geometric sequences and series.