The Short Mathematics Syllabus (MAB)

The short mathematics program aims to provide students with the opportunity to gather, process and interpret mathematical concepts and use these in a variety of life situations and at tertiary level. The tuition will provide the students with a clear understanding of the role of mathematics in the development of society and its relevance in everyday life experiences. 

MAB2 Problem Solving and Equations

This course involves using and forming functions, function graphs and solving equations in both theoretical and practical situations.
Keskeiset sisällöt: linear relationship and proportionality, forming equations, solving equations and simultaneous equations graphically and algebraically, second-degree polynomial functions and solving quadratic equations.

MAB3 Geometry

This course involves describing and interpreting shapes and objects and using the properties of plane figures and three dimensional objects to solve geometrical problems.
Keskeiset sisällöt: similar figures, right triangle trigonometry, Pythagoras’ theorem,
finding volumes and surface areas of shapes and objects, using geometry on the coordinate plane.

MAB4 Mathematical Models

This course focuses on forming and using linear and exponential models and solving equations related to these.
Keskeiset sisällöt: linear and exponential model forming, solving exponential equations, solving exponential equations using logarithms, sequences in mathematical models.

MAB5 Statistics and Probability

This course involves interpreting, organizing and using statistical information and applying the basic probability laws for solving problems.
Keskeiset sisällöt: interpreting and processing statistical data, regression and correlation, understanding and using the basic probability laws, permutations and combinations.

MAB6 Business Mathematics

This course deals with understanding and applying mathematics in business, economics and financial management.
Keskeiset sisällöt: index, expenditure, financial transaction, loan, and tax calculations, mathematical models in economics and using number sequences and series.