Cambridge International Examinations AS/A2 History (AS/A2 History)

HI20-24 AS and A Level History

AS and A levels in history are divided in five credits, HI20-24. After completing three credits students will be able to take the final AS level exam. The exam consists of paper 1 and 2 that cover topics “The Search for International Peace and Security, 1919 - 1945” and “International Relations, 1871 - 1945”.

After completing all five credits students can additionally complete A level with papers 3 and 4 that cover either “The Causes and Impact of British Imperialism, c. 1850 - 1939” or “The Origins and Development of the Cold War, 1941 - 1950” and “Europe of the Dictators, 1918 - 1941” or “International History, 1945 - 1991”.

Students can complete AS and A level history credits at their own individual pace with the teacher’s guidance. Students are required to actively plan their own studying, complete a range of different tasks, write essays and take part in assessment discussions.

Please note that an average of 7 is required to take the AS and A2 examinations.