Study Skills (OTK)

The study skills course run every autumn is highly recommended to new and returning students of all levels. The course is divided into four main areas: 1) Introducing High School studies at Eira 2) Goal setting and time management 3) Basic learning skills at High School Level 4) Exam preparation

The course aims are to:

Examine the skills necessary to succeed at High School Level; Orientate students towards an efficient study plan; Explore the different factors that help us learn new information; Provide an introduction to generic study skills to support student learning.


Grading is based on active participation on the course and completion of a skills based final exam.


Material for the course will be provided by the course tutor. 

OTK01 Gathering, Understanding and Evaluating Information

Keskeiset sisällöt: Identification of areas of interest and time management; Setting goals; Planning your course timetable; Matching class time and self-study time; Planning in your leisure time; How do we learn? What kind of learner are you? Using your memory; Note Making; Sources of Information; Dealing with Terminology; Getting down the relevant information; Mapping the information; Recognising and building argument; Dealing with numbers; Essays Writing; Doing Research; Writing Skills; Exam Preparation; Planning and Revising; Exam Skills; Working under pressure; Focusing on understanding the question