Matriculation examination

The Matriculation Examination is held biannually, in spring and in autumn, in all Finnish upper secondary schools, at the same time. A candidate must complete the examination during not more than three consecutive examination periods. The examination can also be completed in one examination period. The examination consists of at least four tests; one of them Finnish äidinkieli or Suomi toisena kielenä is compulsory. The candidate then chooses three other compulsory tests from among the following four tests: the test in the second national language (Swedish), a foreign language test (usually English), the mathematics test, and one test in the Reaali which is general studies battery of tests (sciences and humanities). As part of his or her examination, the candidate may additionally include one or more optional tests.

Matriculation examination is completed when student passes the 4 compulsory examinations and has completed the school leaving certificate.

Registration to matriculation examinations happens about 4 months earlier. Registration starts always with the compulsory YO-YLEISINFO (see the school calendar for the exact dates). After the info registration is completed in a meeting with the student counsellor.

In Eira High School student is only allowed to register for the matriculation examinations when he/she has completed the ABISTATUS. This means that by the moment of registration student must have completed (with the grade 5 or above):

  •   30 courses out of 44
  •   äidinkieli/suomi toisena kielenä courses 1–3
  •   A-language courses 1–4
  •   B2 Swedish courses 1–3
  •   higher level mathematics courses 1–7
  •   standard level mathematics courses 1–3
  •   at least 6 courses of reaali

(You’ll find more detailed information on Matriculation examinations from the opinto-opas page 34-47.)