Allocating class and self study time

Roughly, as a minimum, each hour spent in the classroom should be accompanied by at least one hour of self-study.


Attendance in class is compulsory. If you are going to be absent, inform the office or your teacher. You must have a valid reason. Eira High School for Adults is an adult education centre and job requirements are considered valid. The Cambridge curriculum is very demanding and absence from courses will delay or jeopardise your progress.

Monitoring participation and results

Copies of attendance sheets and test results are passed to the student counsellors. In the case of those under 18, the student counsellor can contact the student and parents or guardians directly.

Procedures for tests failed or not taken

In the event of a student not passing the first course examination, he or she can be allowed to join the next course but then must pass the failed course and the subsequent test in the next test period.
A student who does not sit an examination will not normally be allowed on the next course. Permission can be given by the teacher for a student to participate but this has to be in writing. The student then has to sit both examinations in the next period. Two failed or two missed examinations or a combination of both will disqualify the student from participating in that course. Failed courses. In the event of a student failing two courses it will be necessary for the student to discuss the situation with the student counsellor who will endeavour to find the reasons for failing. When the student is under 18 years of age, parents will be invited to participate in the discussion. The Counsellor will help the student to make a new study plan, which will be directed towards developing the students language skills in English and Finnish and use any appropriate zero courses or Open College courses.

The student remains in the Upper Secondary School. The revised study plan is part of the student's Upper Secondary School work.

The net as a resource

The NET is an invaluable resource. However, though this very powerful resource can provide great assistance, it is not a substitute for intellectual effort. Handing in a download, either as print or a hand written copy, under your own name is a serious academic offence and akin to copying anyone's work and passing it of as your own. It is called plagiarism. The object of assignments, unless specifically stated, is for students to demonstrate the ability to use the conceptual tools taught, show they can use and manipulate information, and make informed judgements on the course content and on their own reading.