The program comprises of a minimum of 44 courses made up of Finnish national curriculum compulsory and specialization courses and school based specialization courses. 

a) Compulsory courses

There are 33 / 37 compulsory courses to be completed in total depending on the level of mathematics. Swedish B1 is a compulsory subject but if a student has NOT studied Swedish before the student can make an application to the Principal and request that the Swedish be exempted. In that case Swedish courses must be compensated with either Swedish B3 (beginners level Swedish) or other specialization courses. You can get applications of Swedish exemption from the student counsellor.

Students have some flexibility in the natural sciences. One must complete the 1st course of each natural science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. In ONE of these student must complete 2nd course as well.

b) National specialization courses

National specialization courses prepare for the matriculation examination. The content of the courses is the same throughout Finland and the Matriculation examination is based on both compulsory and national specialization courses. All students must complete at least 5 national specialization courses.

c) School specialization courses

School specialization courses are school specific. There can be either preparing courses for high school studies or preparing courses for the matriculation examination. Course content is described in this study guide. Notice that in computing (ATK) students can only count 3 courses towards the school leaving certificate.