Full time students can borrow course books from the school library. Part time students are not eligible to lend school books.

You have to pay a deposit of 10 euros for each book when borrowing. When you return the book, you can choose to take the money back or exchange the book for another one.

The loan time is one school period. You can renew the loan, starting from the first test day, by coming to the library or by sending an e-mail to the librarian. Please give your name and student number as well as the name and number of the book. The book number is usually printed on a white sticker that is placed on the inside front cover or on one of the first pages.

If the book is marked or damaged when you return it, you will have to pay for the book. If there has been over a year from the due date, the deposit will not be given back.

The school librarian is Vilma Turunen.

Library: Laivurinkatu 3, office floor
e-mail: vilma.turunen@eira.fi