What is Eiran aikuislukio High school program?

The Eira High School-program is a bilingual program leading to the Finnish High School Leaving Certificate, lukion päättötodistus. The Finnish National Curriculum for Adults specifies that students must complete 44 courses to gain the High School Leaving Certificate and the right to matriculate by taking the Matriculation Examination in Finnish, Ylioppilastutkinto.

Studies are both in English and in Finnish. High School Studies in Finland take three years with a possibility of a fourth year if necessary. As studies are course based students have some freedom to choose the pace of their studies.
Students who do not yet master the Finnish language mainly start taking courses in English and Bilingually and focus on improving their Finnish skills. As their Finnish skills improve, students start taking other subjects in Finnish and in the last year of their studies, students take courses mainly in Finnish in preparation for the Matriculation Examination.

The High School Leaving Certificate and Matriculation Examination give eligibility to apply to Finnish Universities and the Matriculation Examination is highly recognized when applying to foreign universities.
We offer the following High School Level qualifications:

  • The High School Leaving Certificate
  • The Finnish Matriculation exam