Accepting a study place in Eira:

If you are unsuccesful you will be informed by mail. You may get an offer to study at other programs at Eira High School more suitable for you at the moment

If you are offered a place you will be notified by email. Read the acceptance mail carefully since it contains important information on registering to the school and instruction on how to start your studies.

All students accepted in either June or August must register at the school Office by: 23.8. 2016. When registering at the office students must take along:

  • The acceptance letter / mail

  • Original school certificates proving of completion of lower secondary school.

  • Identification - passport or other official document

  • Residence permit type A or permanent. EU citizens must be registered with the police.

  • 10 euros (There is a fee of €10 for the first year of studies and enrolment is in the office. In subsequent years re-enrolment is annual and free)

  • Students who are under the age of 18 will receive a Custodian Acceptance Form along with the acceptance mail /letter. The Custodian Acceptance Form must be filled in and signed by the custodian and brought to the office when registering. During the autumn the custodians will be invited to student and custodian meeting with the school counsellor.

24 – 26.8 (exact date and place will be informed to students in acceptance letter) there will be one day orientation for new High School students. The Orientation day is compulsory for students starting their studies in High School. During the orientation day students will receive their individual study program for the First period.

School starts on Monday 29.8. 2016

General requirements for applying to High School program

1. Age 18 or above

Students under the age of 18 are always encouraged to study at an ordinary High School where possible. Successful candidates under 18 must have a reason preventing them studying at an ordinary High School in order to study at an Adult High School.

2. Secondary school completed

Eira High School for Adults accepts candidates who have completed their lower secondary school either in Finland or abroad.

3. Permit of residence

Eira High School will only accept students with Residence permit type A or permanent. EU citizens must be registered with the police ( Notice: Eira High School can not help with accomodation or help arrange residence permits.

4. Language skills

Applicant should have excellent skills in English language and Finnish skills level of B1.1 at the minimum.