Eira High School for Adults accepts candidates who have completed their lower secondary school abroad or in Finland and have sufficient English and Finnish skills to complete a program of Bilingual High School studies leading to the Finnish High School Leaving Certificate and Matriculation Exam taken in Finnish. High School studies can include a selection of International AS and A levels offered by Cambridge University Examinations.

Our aim is to provide quality education for migrants seeking to integrate into Finnish society by completing their education at High School level. We do not accept students who have not completed their Lower Secondary School education, nor can we accept those who already have a High School qualification or Higher Education qualification which grants them eligibility to Finnish Higher Education programmes.

We accept students into our programme on the basis of their English and Finnish language skills. These will be tested together with Mathematics at our entrance test. We will be accepting students in three different categories. Students with Basic or no Finnish will be referred to our Lower Secondary School for Adults peruskoulu

  1. Students with High School level Finnish Skills and excellent English skills or excellent Finnish skills and High School level English skills will be accepted directly on to our Bilingual High School program. We can also accept students who have. On this program you will study National Curriculum High School courses in English and Finnish with the aim of completing the Matriculation Exam taken in Finnish. Students may also take a selection of International AS and A levels offered by Cambridge University Examinations at this stage to complement their preparation for the Matriculation Exam.

  2. Students with Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate Finnish Skills. If you have already studied Finnish to at least an Intermediate level, we can accept you onto the LUVA (Lukion valmistavan koulutus) program. LUVA is a program that prepares migrants for the challenges of the Finnish High School system by improving their language skills and subject knowledge. In addition to preparing studies students have a possibility of studying courses at High School level. Courses completed on LUVA will be counted towards the High School when students continues to High School after completing LUVA program. Students who complete the LUVA program will receive a separate diploma. Students who have excellent English skills will be given the opportunity to take an IGCSE in English Language at the same time. This program is suitable for those who have completed their lower secondary school studies in Finland.

  3. Students with Basic or no Finnish. If you have not yet started or only just started learning Finnish we can offer you a very intensive program of Finnish language courses of up to one year in length. These courses are not part of our High School program but can be used to prepare you for future bilingual studies. Registering for preparatory Finnish courses costs 150e per schoolyear.

Depending on your starting level studies at Eira High School for Adults should lead to graduation within 3-4 years.