Eira High School for Adults accepts candidates who have completed their lower secondary school abroad or in Finland and have sufficient English and Finnish skills to complete a program of Bilingual High School studies leading to the Finnish High School Leaving Certificate and Matriculation Exam taken in Finnish. 

Our aim is to provide quality education for migrants seeking to integrate into Finnish society by completing their education at High School level. We do not normally accept students who have not completed their Lower Secondary School education, nor those who already have a High School qualification or Higher Education qualification that grants them eligibility to Finnish Higher Education programmes.

We accept students into our programme on the basis of their English and Finnish language skills.

Language Criteria

We can accept applicants who:

  • Have studied in English or have good English skills (level B2 or better).
  • Have at least Intermediate Finnish skills (level B1 or better).

Proof of Language

Students can prove their language either by taking a language test (including an interview) or by providing the following certificates to the school office. If Finnish or English is your mother tongue then you are not required to prove your competence in that language.

Finnish Language

Finnish Basic Education Certificate peruskoulun päättötodistus where the language of tuition is Finnish.

YKI Test – Level 4.

English Language

Basic Education Certificate from Finland or abroad where the language of tuition is English.

Basic Education Certificate from Finland where English has been studied as the main foreign language with an average of 8 or above.

Internationally recognised proof of language test e.g. IELTS at the appropriate level (B2 or better).

Students whose level of Finnish falls below the level required for Bilingual High School Studies should consider the following options:

  1. Intensive Language Courses
  2. Lukion valmistavan koulutus