How to apply for Finnish courses at Eira

You can apply for Finnish language courses from the link above at any time during the year. Applicants selected for the course will be invited to the level test by e-mail and studies can be started at the beginning of a suitable course.

The tuition fee for the academic year 2020-2021 is 150 euros. The tuition fee covers all studies completed during the academic year at Eira Adult High School.

If you fill in the application by February 28th, 2021 you will be concidered for the courses starting on April 15th, 2021. Online level tests for the April start will be held on the 12th and 17th of March, 2021. The invitations for the level tests for those who fill in their application before February 28th will be sent on the 9th week of 2021.

Finnish courses at Eiran aikuislukio

The comprehensive selection of intensive Finnish courses at Eira provides classes from beginner level A0 to upper intermediate B1.2.

You can study Finnish in Eira High School of Adults either in the morning or evening or as distance studies. There are a variety of different schedules and combinations (contact/distance) for groups during this academic year (2020 - 2021).

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic groups are divided in two so that when one half of the group is in class the other half study from home independently and vice versa. This means students will attend school in person less than normally. There are also groups that are combining classroom and distance (live online sessions) studies.

The majority of the morning groups have lessons between 8:50 and 13:50. Some live distance sessions are held also at 15:30 - 16:50. The majority of evening lessons are held between 17:10 and 20:00. If the epidemic worsens, the school is prepared to move 100% to distance learning.

Studying FInnish at Eira requires good reading and writing skills using the Latin alphabet.

Duration of Studies

The time you will take to complete the programme depends on  your starting level. The academic year (September – May) is divided into five study periods and one course lasts one period. If you start your studies form the beginner course, completing all 10 courses provided will take two academic years.

Please note!

  • Due to a large number of applicants all applicants cannot be invited for the level tests. Please remember to apply also for courses provided by other course providers, eg. see

  • NEW: From now on we can also accept students that are enrolled as full time students in higher education (UAS, University). Unfortunately we cannot accept students that are enrolled as full time students in another institution offering lower or higher secondary education (lower secondary, high school or vocational training).

  • If you are a customer of the unemployment office please check before starting your Finnish studies that you have the right for integration support or indpendent study support (omaehtoinen opiskelun tuki). 

  • Additional infromation about Finnish courses: