Learn Finnish while Studying in English

Eira High is about getting people new to Finland or those returning to the country to earn their place in Finnish higher education. Our upper secondary program offers a three path route to higher education which takes into account a student’s Finnish and English language skills. Interested? You need sufficient English skills to study in the language but your Finnish skills can be anything from zero to advanced because there is a path to suit your needs. The ‘passports’ to your new future can be the Finnish Examination offered in Finnish or the AICE Diploma from University of Cambridge International Examinations which is in English. It is a global examination.

Studies on the Three Path Program are centered around Finnish lessons, the Finnish national curriculum and studies leading to the Diploma. On completion of the national curriculum students receive the lukion päättötodistus, the high school leaving certificate. If you want to create your own new vision of life in Finland check out our program.

Courses in English are open to all registered students at Eiran aikuislukio. If students are mainly studying in Finnish a minimum grade average of 8 in English is advised. Further information on Lukio and High School.

The High School Leaving Certificate - lukion päättötodistus

The Finnish national curriculum for secondary education is broad based and aims to develop mature, cultivated individuals. The curriculum includes core subjects such as English, Maths, Science and humanities, and äidinkieli or Finnish as a second language which has parity status.

There are compulsory and elective courses. The High School Leaving Certificate is awarded on completion of the forty-four courses.

Finnish language courses are an essential part of the curriculum for students to develop their Finnish language skills whilst they study in English. The level of the Finnish demanded for the school leaving certificate is high and students should begin studying Finnish immediately on entry. Students at Eira High School study Finnish language courses on four mornings a week.

In some cases the High School Leaving Certificate alone confers the right to take an entrance test at polytechnic.


The Finnish Matriculation Exam

Students completing The High School Certificate go on to sit the final matriculation exam in Finnish. Passing the matriculation exam means gaining the coveted ‘white hat' and gives the possibility of sitting entrance exams at university. Details of the matriculation exam can be found at the Finnish Matriculation Exam official website.


The AICE Diploma

The AICE Diploma is a recognized qualification in Finland by Finnish Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. It comprises 6 credits made up of AS and A level syllabuses.

Eira High School currently offers Cambridge qualifications in Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Thinking Skills.



Cambridge International Examinations
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