What can I study in English or Bilingually?

Eiran aikuislukio offers study units in English in Mathematics and Science subjects. Humanities and Geography can be studied Bilingually.

Specifically according to the Adult Education 2021 Curriculum:

Short and Long Mathematics can be studied in English online with class based support.

Chemistry and Biology study units 1-3 and Physics 1-2 can be studied in English.

History and Civics 1-2, Geography 1, Philosophy and Ethics 1 can be studied bilingually.

Apart from National Curriculum Long English units we offer a Business English unit with a large oral component.

We offer SAT preparation in English and Mathematics.

Apart from the SAT preparation, studies in English and Bilingual units contribute to The High School Leaving Certificate.

The High School Leaving Certificate and Matriculation Examination give eligibility to apply to Finnish Universities and the Matriculation Examination is highly recognized when applying to foreign universities.
We offer the following High School Level qualifications:

  • The High School Leaving Certificate
  • The Finnish Matriculation exam