All qualifications at Eiran aikuislukio are taught primarily through the medium of Finnish. We offer the following lukio level qualifications:

The High School Leaving Certificate

The Finnish national curriculum for secondary education is broad based and aims to develop mature, cultivated individuals. The curriculum includes core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Humanities and äidinkieli (or Finnish as a second language).

In Finland the High School Leaving Certificate alone confers the right to take an entrance test at Universities of Applied Sciences but not at Universities.

The Finnish Matriculation Exam

Students complete the High School Certificate and go on to sit the Matriculation Exam in Finnish. Passing the Matriculation Exam means gaining the coveted ‘white hat' and gives the possibility of sitting entrance exams at university. Students must complete at least 4 compulsory exams. All exams are completed in the Finnish language. Details of the Matriculation Exam can be found at the Finnish Matriculation Exam official website.